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Tips to using Cat Scarf

As a stylish cover

The cat scarf is made of pure chiffon that is both light and airy. You can hang it around your neck even during summer. T-shirts, shirts or dresses, it matches perfectly with them all and adds glamour to the entire style of yours. You can even use it as a swim suit cover.

The cowboy tie

You can even tie it around your neck like a cowboy tie. You need not do anything for this. Just open the scarf, cross one end over the other and tie a loose knot in the center. Swing the ends around your back and tie another knot just below the first one. The tie can be used both in casual wear as well as with formal executive coat.

As a headband

Headbands have always been in fashion. Using scarves as the headband has been in style for quite sometime now. Imagine how cool the cat scarf will look as headband? It is long enough for you to use them as headbands as well. Just tie a knot at the back of the head and leave the rest of the part loose in front. You can even tie it around your hat, if you are using one. The stylish scarf hanging from the hat will give a unique and classy look. This will spice up your summer outfit and highlight your favorite feline scarf.

Protection during winters

The ultra feminine scarves can even provide you warmth, along with the style from the freezing breeze of winters. It is long enough to make multi-folds and wrap around the neck when you are in need of warmth.

Scarves add a lot of charm to the personality with the outfit. It’s a key ingredient in the recipe of your style and glamour to add to your neck area. The cat scarf can be stylish and casual, both at the same time. You may find every second person using scarves these days, right from men to women. However, the fashionable and feminine print of several kitties in different feline positions is something that differentiates you form the rest of the lot.