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Tips to Pick the Proper Swimsuit

Prepare Yourself

Before you can go out to buy the swimsuit, you will need to remove any unwanted hair that you may be having. You don’t want to show it off when trying out the swim suit particularly if it for modeling purposes. You should also remember to wear your underwear. It is the policy of many stores that patrons try out their swim wear with their underwear on.

Understand Your Body Type

You shape is a major factor that will help to determine the swim suit that will look best in you. All you will need is to measure the widest point of your hips. Here are some interpretations of the various body shapes:

  • Pear shape. This shape is marked by hips that are wide at the bust and waist
  • Hourglass shape. The shape is marked by hips and busts that are of the same width and the waist is smaller significantly
  • Apple shape. This figure is marked by a waist that is wider than the hips in a significant manner and is as wide at the bust
  • Straight. This is a figure that is marked by people who are thin all around without any significant difference between the hips, bust and waist.

Choice of Fabric and Colors

It is advisable to choose fabrics and colors that will help to accentuate your great features and hide the parts that are not so good. A good swim wear should be able to direct the eyes to your best part as this will ensure that you feel more comfortable. Some of the basic tips that you need to consider include:

  • Use bright colors and patterns to highlight the features you love
  • Use solid colors to hide the parts that you don’t love
  • For individuals with pale skin, a good idea would be to use some deep jewel tones like maroon, navy or dark purple
  • For people with dark skin, a good idea would to choose bright colors as these are not only flattering but they can help you to hide the areas that you don’t like.
  • Use ruched or shirred fabrics to hide the volume
  • It is not a bad idea to buy separates

Select the Right Store

You will come across boutiques that deal with swimwear. Therefore, it is important to carry out a research and choose one that will work for you. In case you happen not to be particular on a swimwear, you can find brands that have a wide range of swim suit that are available in the departmental stores.