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Sanetti Clutches Trends

Keeping up with the trends of clutch handbags around the world, Sanetti’s collections include the Serpentine Collection – luxuriously crafted snake-skin leather against metal frames to create chic, Solitaire Collection – elegant clutch handbags with encrusted stones and jewels, Filigree Collection – purses for women inspired by natural elements such as flowers and butterflies, Naturelle Collection – fashion bags created of all things nature, Synthetic Collection – purses for women created out of synthetic materials, Eminence Collection – gorgeous satin bags encrusted with large motifs and stones, Bridal Collection – fashion bags for brides-to-be , Allure Collection – for all the party-lovers, most of the clutches in this collection include varieties of the versatile black clutch bag that every woman needs in her closet. Another collection showcasing a variety of party clutches the beautiful Artisan Collection, including material leather that creates surfaces and textures in either embossed,layered or super imposed with colours and glitter. Sanetti also offers the Equestrian Collection – handbags for women made of luxurious pony hair. Sanetti’s Celestial Collection infuses textured lace and fabric to create amazing fashion bags for women of all ages.

Searching for that all-important party clutch bag? You probably need a black clutch bag- so versatile! Perfectly formed, light to carry and so much easier to find things in than our usual oversized bags, the clutch is the ultimate party accessory. And with so many different clutch bags on the high street, there’s one for every taste and occasion. The party season is almost upon us, and with it comes the need for that quintessential festive accessory – the glitzy evening bag. You’ll find exotic, intricate weaves and vintage guitar strap-style embroidery on the straps of otherwise plain-leather bags, which is a solid way for a brand to take a design that’s popular with customers and update it for a new season without altering the design elements that have already made the bag popular.

┬áSome bags are everywhere all of a sudden for reasons that don’t have much to do with celebrities or influencers objectively liking them, and figuring out whether a bag’s sudden surge in visibility is planned or organic requires a feel for the market. The accessories market is always in flux, but sometimes it’s shifting more than others. Lately, we’ve noticed half dozen bags that feel like they’re getting ready for a popularity spike in the very near future.

Another fashion bag that has been trending more than ever this season is the tech-savvy, IPhone-friendly, clutches built to carry mobile phones without any hassle to the consumer. Whether you carry it on your shoulder or in your handle, the tote handbag for women is always a season favorite as seen on the run way. Bucket bags are also another season favorite.