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Fashion Buttons Trends

Flat Buttons

These are most common types of buttons are they trend almost all the times. Those looking for trending fashion buttons wholesale should also look for opportunities in these types of buttons. They are pretty easy to attach to the garments. The threads simply need to sewn through the holes. They are available in 2 and 4 centre holes.

Shank buttons

There are another trendy fashion buttons wholesale options. They are pretty much like a ring but they may also feature pearl or diamond. They use the stem named as shank on which the button rests. It is also used to attach it to the garment. They are a great choice for many types of clothes.

Jeans or stud buttons

They are quite similar to the shank buttons. But unlike shank they do not feature a hole. Instead, there is a pin which is used to attach it to the garment or fabric. They are perfect for the jeans but not really a good option for the hand knit garments.


These are thin buttons and are usually round in shape. They can be used with both loop and buttonholes. Since they are a little oval (which gives them the length) they can get through even the holes that are small. Such buttons made of wood are some style statement for the wearers.

Poppers or snaps

They are given this name because their fasteners are snapped with each other with the help of the pop. They are quite contemporary but are trending very well. They are not only meant for the dresses but also for the covers of the cushion and even fabric handbags. They can also be sewn onto the fabric. But it is difficult to attach them to the knitting.

Eye fastening and hook

These types of systems feature a catch and a loop. They are not exactly buttons but they are quite in trend. These are usually seen on the jeans, bras, skirts, and dresses. It is easy to slip the hook into or out of the loop. Hence, they are able to give the support where more support is needed.


The zips can be the alternate to the buttons or they can simply be combined with them. Regardless how you are using them, you would want to know that they are trending quite well.

Half ball cover

These are the buttons that are domed with plastic. The good thing about them is that they can be easily covered with almost all types of fabrics. They are not only great for the outfits but also for the upholstery such as cushion covers.

Mandarin Buttons

Also sometimes referred to as frog buttons, they are perfect as decorative buttons. They do not require the button holes. They are made of the strings that are knotted.

Jewelled buttons

Jewelled buttons are also quite popular among the users.