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Eyeglasses Styles that Suit You Best

Round Face Shape

Round faces have very less amount of contour and are usually shorter in height with little difference in their jaw and temples. For rounded ones aviator eyeglasses work in a really great way, also do square and cat eye frames. Any eyeframe with a strong square or arched temple will work great to create contours on your profile.

Square Face Shape

For faces where the face is a bit longer than the round and the jaws are prominent, but the temple and jaws are of the same width, most square or rectangular frames will fail to work. Most people with this feature find rounded square frames, oval frames and round eyeframes a great way to reduce the boxed effect. Many people also find the clubmaster designs a great choice.

Oval Face Shape

Oval face shaped people are the luckiest people in terms of Eyeframes selection. Most people can look great in almost every shaped eyeframes. The beautiful shape has a narrow chin but not as narrow as a person with a heart shaped face. Since most frames work for them, they can experiment with all styles and designs.

Heart Face Shape

When the temples are the widest and the jaws are narrow with a sharp & narrow chin, the face shape is called heart face shape. This type works greatly with cat eye eyeframes, clubmaster eyeframes and aviator eyeframes.

Triangle Face Shape

A triangle face shape is widest at the jaw and narrower at the temples. People with this type of facial cutting have a prominent jaw which makes it best suited for clubmaster eyeframes which have a thick uni-brow kind or temple which makes the forehead appear wider than it naturally is.

So, now that you have got a hint of how you should pick up your eyeglasses with the help of your face shape, go and confidently choose your new branded eyeframes either online or at the store.