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Sports Sunglasses

Oakley RadarLock Sports Sunglasses

One of the top rated makers for sports glasses for men they are also famous for making sports sunglasses ladies with similar features and technology. This particular sports glasses has interchangeable lenses which adapts with changing light conditions. Providing unrivaled clarity with excellent resistance towards impact, the Oakleys make a great pair to own albeit their high price.

Adidas Raylor Sports Sunglasses

Built for the sporting adventurer in you, this motorcycle sunglasses for men has wrap-around design that sits comfortably on your face. It offers a snug fit and blocks out harmful rays of the sun. It has a light stabilizing technology to protect your eyes from UV rays, dust, insects and wind. Also available with prescription lenses and sport glasses ladies.

Reebok’s clubmaster sports sunglasses

It is an excellent eyewear for anyone with an active lifestyle. Built with a TR90 frame, it matches the needs of a high performance athlete at cheap prices. It provides maximum protection against UVA and UVB rays of the sun. It also has including adjustable nose pads and temple tips.

Nike Impel Swift Sports Sunglasses

They are perfect for long distance running and have a lightweight frame which sits comfortably and an adjustable nose bridge for maximum comfort. It’s ideal for most sports and they are comfy for prolonged use.

Puma Flame Sports Sunglasses

Puma is famous for its high performance sportswear but they also make some amazing sunnies for athletes. Their Flame riding sunglasses for men dazzles under sunlight and has tinted lenses which incredibly great. Suits a wide range of faces and the two tone design is very contemporary and cool. Available in many colors and options.

Avoid These Men’s Office Fashion Mistakes

Fitted Shoulders

When you shoulders fit correctly, the whole outfit falls into place. Unlike when you were younger, as an adult you’re unfortunately not going to grow into any of your ill-fitting clothing. Too tight clothing make you look like you’re wearing your son’s clothes. The best thing to do would be to have your shirts and coats tailored or at least get them altered to fit properly.

Creased shirts

Men’s long sleeve shirts require proper care, without which they end up creased and wrinkled. Wearing a creased shirt to work (or anywhere) will instantly make you look sloppy and unprofessional. A properly ironed shirt gives the impression that you care about your clothes and your appearance. Make use of that iron, please.

Too long trousers

As a general rule, trousers should fall neatly till your ankles, just short of the top of your shoes. Any longer, and you’ll look like you’re wearing somebody else’s pants, which will, again, make you look sloppy and unprofessional. Trousers sizes vary a lot, so if you fail to find one that’s just right for you, get one tailored or at least altered to your size.

White socks with dress shoes

Your socks are more visible than you think they are. Whether you’re sitting cross-legged or putting your feet up, your socks peep out and show. Imagine the embarrassment if you’re caught wearing white socks with your patent Oxfords. White socks are acceptable only if you into any sporting activities. For formal occasions, invest in a pair of black, brown, or navy socks, or if you like, go ahead and choose colourful stripes or patterns. Anything but white.

Wrong necktie length

When you’re buying online long sleeve shirts for office, you must also need a necktie. But you stand a chance to potentially ruin your look with the wrong tie length. Your necktie should reach the top of your trouser belt buckle. That’s the only proper length of a necktie. Anything else is incorrect. Yes, you might have to scour harder to find the perfect sized necktie.

Scruffy shoes

You’d be surprised to know just how many men neglect their shoes when it comes to their appearance. Shoes that are worn out, unpolished, stained or creased give out a very wrong impression. No matter what material your shoes are made of, they need care, maintenance, and conditioning to be able to last long and look presentable.


Tips to Wearing Perfect Suit

Choose a suit that is perfect for your body

It’s imperative to choose a suit size that is in sync with the structure of your body. Right from the trousers to the waist to the sleeves, the suit size shouldn’t be too loose or too tight. If you are unsure about your sizes, get a tailor to measure you. The tailors will make sure that they measure the length of your arms and legs, waists and neck size. In case things are getting a bit confusing, you can always alter your existing suits. Not only will you look extremely well groomed but it will save you a lot of money.

Getting the perfect look

There are several facets to a suit than just a shirt, jacket or a trouser. One of the first things to do is find a tie which matches with your suit and the occasion you are going to. For instance, if you are going to a funeral, wearing a black tie is imperative. Secondly, you can even keep a little handkerchief inside the topmost left pocket of you jackets. Cufflinks too are an important aspect of a suit as they have the enhancing one’s look. Usually, these cufflinks come in various shapes and types like gold and silver. To round it off, you can also use a collar pin or clip with the suit.

Get everything in place early on

Don’t leave everything till the last minute. If you are buying a readymade suit, more often than not, you will have to do some alterations. You don’t want to fall into a situation where just before your wedding you find out that your trousers are too loose, or your jacket sleeves are too short, and you have to alter them. Needless to say, you won’t find any tailor who is going to alter your clothes at such short notice. Precisely for this reason, get your clothes early on and do whatever alterations you have to do.

Stylish Jeggings

The trend of jeggings is not new to the market and women already know about it. It has been a few years that jeggings are taking over our regular denims. You can find jeggings for girls, everywhere in the market, both online and offline. Explore endless patterns, prints and colors in them. They are also a great match to most of the tops. Shop for women’s jeggings, brought to you by some of the best brands like Being Fab, Bitterlime, Chumbak, Globus, Only, Mustard, Vero Moda, Salt, Only and many more.

Though jeggings are more popular today and women highly prefer them because of both the look as well as the comfort, but they have not completely abandoned their denims. Jeans for women are still their favorites and are the wardrobe staples of all. Shop for denims, available in the latest patterns and colors.

  • Look for printed jeggings, that can be teamed up with your basic t-shirts and the plain tops. You can get them, available in some of the recent prints like floral, stripes, abstract, geometric, checks, camouflage and animal print.
  • There is also a variety in colored jeggings, made from the rich quality fabric. You can team them with your kurtas and the tunics. Shop for both jeggings as well as kurtas, available in the most exclusive range.
  • We all know that they trending high these days and to get the best party look, you must buy denim jeggings and team them up with the cutest crop tops. Even crop tops are in fashion and are perfect for a party look.
  • Also look for a variety in rugged denims that are the most popular among both men and women today. They can be teamed up with every kind of top, be it off shoulder tops, halter tops or the formal shirts.
  • Find a collection of bell bottom denims as well. They are back in fashion and women are loving them so much. Explore a wide range in them, available in different shades.


Tips to using Cat Scarf

As a stylish cover

The cat scarf is made of pure chiffon that is both light and airy. You can hang it around your neck even during summer. T-shirts, shirts or dresses, it matches perfectly with them all and adds glamour to the entire style of yours. You can even use it as a swim suit cover.

The cowboy tie

You can even tie it around your neck like a cowboy tie. You need not do anything for this. Just open the scarf, cross one end over the other and tie a loose knot in the center. Swing the ends around your back and tie another knot just below the first one. The tie can be used both in casual wear as well as with formal executive coat.

As a headband

Headbands have always been in fashion. Using scarves as the headband has been in style for quite sometime now. Imagine how cool the cat scarf will look as headband? It is long enough for you to use them as headbands as well. Just tie a knot at the back of the head and leave the rest of the part loose in front. You can even tie it around your hat, if you are using one. The stylish scarf hanging from the hat will give a unique and classy look. This will spice up your summer outfit and highlight your favorite feline scarf.

Protection during winters

The ultra feminine scarves can even provide you warmth, along with the style from the freezing breeze of winters. It is long enough to make multi-folds and wrap around the neck when you are in need of warmth.

Scarves add a lot of charm to the personality with the outfit. It’s a key ingredient in the recipe of your style and glamour to add to your neck area. The cat scarf can be stylish and casual, both at the same time. You may find every second person using scarves these days, right from men to women. However, the fashionable and feminine print of several kitties in different feline positions is something that differentiates you form the rest of the lot.


Fashion Buttons Trends

Flat Buttons

These are most common types of buttons are they trend almost all the times. Those looking for trending fashion buttons wholesale should also look for opportunities in these types of buttons. They are pretty easy to attach to the garments. The threads simply need to sewn through the holes. They are available in 2 and 4 centre holes.

Shank buttons

There are another trendy fashion buttons wholesale options. They are pretty much like a ring but they may also feature pearl or diamond. They use the stem named as shank on which the button rests. It is also used to attach it to the garment. They are a great choice for many types of clothes.

Jeans or stud buttons

They are quite similar to the shank buttons. But unlike shank they do not feature a hole. Instead, there is a pin which is used to attach it to the garment or fabric. They are perfect for the jeans but not really a good option for the hand knit garments.


These are thin buttons and are usually round in shape. They can be used with both loop and buttonholes. Since they are a little oval (which gives them the length) they can get through even the holes that are small. Such buttons made of wood are some style statement for the wearers.

Poppers or snaps

They are given this name because their fasteners are snapped with each other with the help of the pop. They are quite contemporary but are trending very well. They are not only meant for the dresses but also for the covers of the cushion and even fabric handbags. They can also be sewn onto the fabric. But it is difficult to attach them to the knitting.

Eye fastening and hook

These types of systems feature a catch and a loop. They are not exactly buttons but they are quite in trend. These are usually seen on the jeans, bras, skirts, and dresses. It is easy to slip the hook into or out of the loop. Hence, they are able to give the support where more support is needed.


The zips can be the alternate to the buttons or they can simply be combined with them. Regardless how you are using them, you would want to know that they are trending quite well.

Half ball cover

These are the buttons that are domed with plastic. The good thing about them is that they can be easily covered with almost all types of fabrics. They are not only great for the outfits but also for the upholstery such as cushion covers.

Mandarin Buttons

Also sometimes referred to as frog buttons, they are perfect as decorative buttons. They do not require the button holes. They are made of the strings that are knotted.

Jewelled buttons

Jewelled buttons are also quite popular among the users.

Style A Polo Shirt

Set a fixed budget

The first step is to fix a budget and stick with it. You can find evening gowns in a variety of price ranges and this depends on the exclusiveness of the dress. You can also leave some extra money for all accessories such as a pair of heels, makeup, purse, jewelry and shawl. In case you are looking for a bargain, you can look for it in the off- season.

Assessment of your personal style

Your personal style is extremely important. For this purpose, you need to determine your body shape as it is quite crucial in finding your evening gown. These evening gowns are also available in various designs such as backless, halter and strapless. Just by knowing the shape of your body, you will know what all the gown styles can be used.

Do you want to wear it more than once?

Your usage is also an important thing that you must take into consideration. This price of the gown can also reflect on how much exactly you are able to use the gown. High quality gowns will obviously last longer than other low quality dresses. Thus you will need to focus on the formal evening gowns in order to know their superb quality as well.


No matter what the quality, the appearance is not going to matter much if the color of your dress is not appropriate enough. Picking the right colors is not only important but it can also be extremely confusing because there are so many choices right there at your disposal. Choosing the color is important and vital as many evening gowns are also judged on the basis of color. There is also no room for error here.

One size will not fit all

Yes, it is true that one size will not fit all. There are different sizes for different people and all these different sizes have their very own essence. You need to make sure that the size you select is appropriate to you.


Cheap Cross Body Bags

Zara Crossbody Bag

Zara crossbody bag with metallic detail is a great match for every season. With an elegant design, soft material, and golden buckle at the front, it provides a great old-fashioned look and feel. On the other hand, tan color is easy to match and you can wear it with a variety of dress styles and outfits. Price of the product is only $50, one of the best cheapest price crossbody bags in the market.

BP Layered Fringe Crossbody Bag

If you are searching for the highest quality, stylish, and cheap price cross body bag this summer 2016, don’t forget to consider layered fringe crossbody bag by BP. It is truly a highly elegant and perfect sized crossbody bag, composed of buttery-soft faux leather, which fits all the necessities. Other features include long swingy fringe with braided trim, top zip closure, adjustable crossbody strap, and interior zip. Furthermore, it contains wall and Smartphone pockets to provide more convenience to the users. And comparing with its features, it cost nothing. You can purchase it by spending just $28. What more? You can decrease the cost even more by availing it with the best possible deal, offered by a site having the cheapest price finder utility.

Sole Society Black Fringe Crossbody Bag

If you love black, then you will defiantly love the genuine suede black fringe crossbody bag backed by Sole Society. This handy bohemian-inspired style contains a curved fold over flap and the ideal size to fit all of your essentials. In addition, the adjustable strap lets you dance around with complete freedom. You would love wearing it this year 2016, perfect for summer festival. The price of the bag is cheap, only $60, but it never feels cheap.

J.Crew Mini Bucket Bag

J.Crew mini bucket is another good option to choose if you are in search of cheap price crossbody bags this year. It is manufactured from genuine leather that looks stylish and offers smooth and sturdy feeling every time. On the other hand, it doesn’t add extra bulk to your shoulders. With its adjustable shoulder strap, it can extend to 24-inch shoulder drop. It has enough space to carry all of your daily essentials such as phone, lipstick, keys, glasses, ID, etc. Other exciting thing is that you can choose it with the color you desire.

Topanga Crossbody Bag

Topanga Crossbody is one of the cheapest bags to purchase this year 2016. This bag is manufactured by vegan leather and a great example of fashion and function. With interior slip pocket and interior zipper pocket, you get extra storage to keep your essentials. It has an adjustable strap along with signature CC lining and interior sections that keep you classy on-the-go. This product is available in multiple bright colors and exciting price of just$25.

Coach Crosstown Pebbled Leather Crossbody Bag

Coach Crosstown pebbled leather crossbody bag is the combination of polished pebbled leather, logo-etched turn lock closure, and a gleaming chain strap. This crossbody bag not only looks sleek and elegant in design but also has a full-length exterior slip pocket as well as interior wall pocket for maximum convenience. The most exciting part of the bag is its crossbody adjustable strap, which gives stunning effect while on the go. Coach offers multiple color options for this bag, so you can choose according to your needs.

Zac Posen Eartha Grommets Iconic Top Handle Mini Bag

Zac Posen Eartha Grommets Iconic Mini Bag is composed of leather exterior and lining including grommet accents. It has flap top with fold over clasp closure as well as interior slit pocket. What more? It also contains a dust bag. You can carry this urbane style stylish bag over the shoulder or cross-body using the optional strap. The price of the product is little higher comparing with others, although this issue can be resolved in some manner by getting it from a best price finder tool. Happy Shopping!

How to Buy Evening Gowns?

Suit up

If dress shirts are what come to your mind when you think of a linen suit, then this may change your thinking. Shirts look just as good with a linen suit, provided the shirt isn’t too loud or bright, and the suit isn’t too formal. For instance, a powder blue suit can be paired with a dark blue shirt; a black suit can be paired with a dark grey polo. You can also pull an all-white look with a white suit and white polo. Make sure the whites match, and the polo is clean and crisp.

Tailored chic

Shirts for men can be ideal companions to a pair of tailored pants. The fitted silhouette of the polo and tailored pants are a match made in heaven. Tailored chinos, a polo shirt, and a pair of lace-ups is the ideal attire for any occasion- from a causal day at office to an evening party. Accessorize the look with a smart pair of loafers and put on a blazer for some added panache.

Short style

Summer means shorts, and the most common things to pair shorts with are tees and tanks. Try a shirt for a change. Yes, pairing shorts with a polo shirt actually works- and also gives you a sartorial edge over the others. Solid shirts works well with plain shorts, but to enhance your look, try wearing solid colour polo with a checked, striped, or patterned shorts. Seal the look with boat shoes, espadrilles, or loafers. Only take care to not tuck the polo in!

Formal look

Not many would think of wearing polo with a formal, double-breasted suit. But it can be done. When pairing polo with a suit, do choose a dark, subtle colour that’s more formal and appropriate. If you’re aiming for an offbeat colour, make sure the occasion allows that.

Colour it

Men’s shirts online come in a wide variety of hues. You can find just about any colour that you want. How about reversing the look? Go for a plain polo t-shirt and brighten your outfit with coloured pants or shoes. You could also add colour to your outfit in the form of accessories, be it a watch, bracelet, or scarf.

Must Have Footwear for Women


Women love everything fashionable, but also like to be comfortable. Sneaker shoes are the best for casual dressing. They keep your feet protected as well as are comfortable. They can be paired with t-shirts and denims. And women nowadays also wear them with the short dresses as well as the long skirts.


Ballerinas are one of the most popular flats for women today. They are the ones that every woman already has in her shoe rack. Shop for these ballerinas online, available in so many chic designs and colors. They are made from different materials and with stylish embellishments. Shop and also find a variety in sandals online that are made in different patterns.


They are one of the trendiest footwear for women. Every fashionable woman loves it. Even the Bollywood divas adore them. We have spotted so many of them in the classiest pump heels. The most common and the sexiest of all are the nude pumps and other that that single bright color pumps and rainbow pumps are also trending high.


Those who don’t wear pumps, wear stilettoes. This is the second best heels for women. Stilettoes are the high pencil heels and not all can wear them. But it’s not that those who can’t, don’t like them. Stilettoes are the sexiest and you can shop for these heels. Find the most fashionable range in them with the best designs and shades.


Though ethnic wear today, are versatile and can be paired with any kind of footwear, but they can be best teamed up with kolhapuris. They are traditional and add life to your look. Kolhapuri chappals make for an effortless dressing and are available at various online shopping sites in trendiest designs and patterns.