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Monthly Archives: December 2016

Sanetti Clutches Trends

Keeping up with the trends of clutch handbags around the world, Sanetti’s collections include the Serpentine Collection – luxuriously crafted snake-skin leather against metal frames to create chic, Solitaire Collection – elegant clutch handbags with encrusted stones and jewels, Filigree Collection – purses for women inspired by natural elements such as flowers and butterflies, Naturelle Collection – fashion bags created of all things nature, Synthetic Collection – purses for women created out of synthetic materials, Eminence Collection – gorgeous satin bags encrusted with large motifs and stones, Bridal Collection – fashion bags for brides-to-be , Allure Collection – for all the party-lovers, most of the clutches in this collection include varieties of the versatile black clutch bag that every woman needs in her closet. Another collection showcasing a variety of party clutches the beautiful Artisan Collection, including material leather that creates surfaces and textures in either embossed,layered or super imposed with colours and glitter. Sanetti also offers the Equestrian Collection – handbags for women made of luxurious pony hair. Sanetti’s Celestial Collection infuses textured lace and fabric to create amazing fashion bags for women of all ages.

Searching for that all-important party clutch bag? You probably need a black clutch bag- so versatile! Perfectly formed, light to carry and so much easier to find things in than our usual oversized bags, the clutch is the ultimate party accessory. And with so many different clutch bags on the high street, there’s one for every taste and occasion. The party season is almost upon us, and with it comes the need for that quintessential festive accessory – the glitzy evening bag. You’ll find exotic, intricate weaves and vintage guitar strap-style embroidery on the straps of otherwise plain-leather bags, which is a solid way for a brand to take a design that’s popular with customers and update it for a new season without altering the design elements that have already made the bag popular.

┬áSome bags are everywhere all of a sudden for reasons that don’t have much to do with celebrities or influencers objectively liking them, and figuring out whether a bag’s sudden surge in visibility is planned or organic requires a feel for the market. The accessories market is always in flux, but sometimes it’s shifting more than others. Lately, we’ve noticed half dozen bags that feel like they’re getting ready for a popularity spike in the very near future.

Another fashion bag that has been trending more than ever this season is the tech-savvy, IPhone-friendly, clutches built to carry mobile phones without any hassle to the consumer. Whether you carry it on your shoulder or in your handle, the tote handbag for women is always a season favorite as seen on the run way. Bucket bags are also another season favorite.


Men Office Bags


Those traditional boxy- the briefcases are no more the same. Rather, they are now available in trendy designs and textured patterns. Briefcases are durable, sturdy and spacious too. Find the right briefcase online and show off your personal style even while you are at a formal meeting.

Sling or Messenger Bags

Besides shopping leather briefcase online, you can also look for sling bags for men. But these are great for young men. They come in leather, non-leather material. They feature a flap and few pockets in the front and an adjustable shoulder strap. Find them online available in various sizes and patterns.

Portfolio Bags

Put in all your essentials, papers, files and everything else in one bag. It is slightly bigger and very much popular among working men. They come in different materials. For style you can buy one in non-leather in which you can find bright colors and for a classy look, go for leather bags offered in versatile colors.

Laptop Bags

These days, everyone carries a laptop or a Mac. So, having a durable and smart laptop bag is a must. Not just it can hold your laptop, but other essentials too. These too come in different sorts of material.

These are the popular and bestselling styles in office bags for men. For casual purpose, you can go for casual bags offered as sling, backpacks, travel, wallets, drawstring bags and rucksacks.

Brands specializing in formal and casual bags are Da Milano, Hidesign, Hidekraft, Sky Bags, Gauge Machine, Teakwood, American Tourister, Nike, Adidas, Puma, VIP, Tommy Hilfiger, Next and the list is endless.

Sports Sunglasses

Oakley RadarLock Sports Sunglasses

One of the top rated makers for sports glasses for men they are also famous for making sports sunglasses ladies with similar features and technology. This particular sports glasses has interchangeable lenses which adapts with changing light conditions. Providing unrivaled clarity with excellent resistance towards impact, the Oakleys make a great pair to own albeit their high price.

Adidas Raylor Sports Sunglasses

Built for the sporting adventurer in you, this motorcycle sunglasses for men has wrap-around design that sits comfortably on your face. It offers a snug fit and blocks out harmful rays of the sun. It has a light stabilizing technology to protect your eyes from UV rays, dust, insects and wind. Also available with prescription lenses and sport glasses ladies.

Reebok’s clubmaster sports sunglasses

It is an excellent eyewear for anyone with an active lifestyle. Built with a TR90 frame, it matches the needs of a high performance athlete at cheap prices. It provides maximum protection against UVA and UVB rays of the sun. It also has including adjustable nose pads and temple tips.

Nike Impel Swift Sports Sunglasses

They are perfect for long distance running and have a lightweight frame which sits comfortably and an adjustable nose bridge for maximum comfort. It’s ideal for most sports and they are comfy for prolonged use.

Puma Flame Sports Sunglasses

Puma is famous for its high performance sportswear but they also make some amazing sunnies for athletes. Their Flame riding sunglasses for men dazzles under sunlight and has tinted lenses which incredibly great. Suits a wide range of faces and the two tone design is very contemporary and cool. Available in many colors and options.

Avoid These Men’s Office Fashion Mistakes

Fitted Shoulders

When you shoulders fit correctly, the whole outfit falls into place. Unlike when you were younger, as an adult you’re unfortunately not going to grow into any of your ill-fitting clothing. Too tight clothing make you look like you’re wearing your son’s clothes. The best thing to do would be to have your shirts and coats tailored or at least get them altered to fit properly.

Creased shirts

Men’s long sleeve shirts require proper care, without which they end up creased and wrinkled. Wearing a creased shirt to work (or anywhere) will instantly make you look sloppy and unprofessional. A properly ironed shirt gives the impression that you care about your clothes and your appearance. Make use of that iron, please.

Too long trousers

As a general rule, trousers should fall neatly till your ankles, just short of the top of your shoes. Any longer, and you’ll look like you’re wearing somebody else’s pants, which will, again, make you look sloppy and unprofessional. Trousers sizes vary a lot, so if you fail to find one that’s just right for you, get one tailored or at least altered to your size.

White socks with dress shoes

Your socks are more visible than you think they are. Whether you’re sitting cross-legged or putting your feet up, your socks peep out and show. Imagine the embarrassment if you’re caught wearing white socks with your patent Oxfords. White socks are acceptable only if you into any sporting activities. For formal occasions, invest in a pair of black, brown, or navy socks, or if you like, go ahead and choose colourful stripes or patterns. Anything but white.

Wrong necktie length

When you’re buying online long sleeve shirts for office, you must also need a necktie. But you stand a chance to potentially ruin your look with the wrong tie length. Your necktie should reach the top of your trouser belt buckle. That’s the only proper length of a necktie. Anything else is incorrect. Yes, you might have to scour harder to find the perfect sized necktie.

Scruffy shoes

You’d be surprised to know just how many men neglect their shoes when it comes to their appearance. Shoes that are worn out, unpolished, stained or creased give out a very wrong impression. No matter what material your shoes are made of, they need care, maintenance, and conditioning to be able to last long and look presentable.